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Foundation helps athletes 
accomplish their sports projects.


Ladbrokes Foundation helps athletes accomplish their sport projects.

The Ladbrokes Foundation is here to accompany you. The help available in Belgium does not support everyone. The Foundation wants to help athletes to optimize their efforts. Each year, the Ladbrokes Foundation launches a call to select and accompany its Talents.

You have until August 31 2019 to send us your application.

Marking the 50 th anniversary since the company’s foundation in 1969 in Belgium, Ladbrokes is moving into the world of philanthropy with the launch of its foundation. This foundation will also serve as a great way of promoting the company’s values.
Sport being’s specialty area, it is only right and fitting that the foundation should play a role in this sector. Having occupied a place at the heart of this company for all these years, current CEO Yannik Bellefroid has interacted a great deal with athletes and directors as well as decision-makers in Belgium and abroad. Thus, the creation of a foundation was the logical next step forward.
In order to start making a day-to-day investment in athletes’ emotional journeys and to ensure that sport values, motivation, fair play and performance go hand in hand with Ladbrokes’ core values, such as solidarity, benevolence and open-mindedness, the Ladbrokes Foundation will be launched in September 2019.

The Foundation's guiding principles

  • The Foundation exists to serve Talents.
  • The Foundation promotes diversity amongst Talents. We are open to all sportspeople, both Belgian and foreign, able-bodied and disabled, and all sports projects.
  • The Foundation is professional, honest, upright and transparent. We use our funds solely for the purposes stated in our articles of association.
  • We never abuse our position/mission to satisfy private interests or obtain any personal advantage.
  • The Foundation is not the Talents’ agent.
  • The Foundation will never interfere with Talents achieving their sports projects in any way.
  • Except supporting Talents financially in realising their sports projects, the Foundation does not accept or grant payments to Talents.

Selecting Talents

  • The Foundation recruits Talents on social networks (which does not prevent us finding Talents by other means, of course).
  • The application form must be submitted via our online form.
  • The Foundation decides which Talents we think we should support and works with them, deciding how much financial support to provide and for how long, depending on their needs and projects and any other sources of funding they may have.
  • All Talents must be 16 or over. Minors must obtain their parents’ consent. We will also take their sports and study aims into account.

How the Foundation can help

  • In principle and insofar as possible, the Foundation supports sports projects financially either by paying Talents’ bills directly or by refunding costs they have already incurred personally.
  • Either way, Talents must produce valid supporting accounts documents and be able to show that these costs relate directly to achieving their sports projects.